First Response provides Health IT consulting services to companies providing Health IT services and to healthcare delivery organizations including ACOs, hospitals and clinics. We have extensive experience with startup companies in healthcare and non-healthcare industries. Our key strength is working with senior management to identify the critical elements of success, and then to continue our work by making these critical elements a reality. 

We assemble project teams as needed to accomplish our clients' goals. Our previous and current projects include:

  • Developing and automating BPM workflows
  • Analyzing clinical and financial data requirements
  • Specifying clinical connectivity including interfaces required to assemble, access, rationalize and utilize data to achieve clinical and business objectives
  • Recruiting, retaining, supplying critical talent
  • Facilitating terminations and out placement
  • Working with legal counsel to develop and negotiate services contracts
  • Business formation, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, liquidations (always working with qualified legal counsel)